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Why Invest In Thailand Property?

Why Invest In Thailand Property?

Thailand is a hotspot for international property investors seeking the stability and simplicity of property investment to gain good returns on their money and within this hotspot is what has been designated as the Eastern Economic Corridor.

Today, the EEC project has emerged as a very large-scale project with an investment of worth 50 billion USD (Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangkok, 2018). It will play a prime role in the revival of country’s economy as well as the project will set new records of development and economic growth. In this way, EEC project will lay down the foundation of a new and better Thailand enrooted into prosperity and development.

While it is most likely that you are considering purchasing property in Thailand as a residence rather than an investment but despite this, it is nice to know that your purchasing in an area that is underpinned by solid financial growth.

Main Reasons Why Thailand is a Desirable Investment Location:

  • Thailand is a popular tourist destination with a great universal appeal
  • Thailand is an attractive retirement destination.  Retirement visas are available for foreigners over 50 years of age.
  • Thailand has good schools ranging in price from 100,000 baht / year to 1,000,000 baht per year. The more expensive private schools boast international teachers, most of whom are native English speakers.  
  • The health care system is efficient and Thailand has become a major destination for medical tourism.
  • If it’s the countryside you crave then Thailand boasts beautiful mountains, dense forests and tropical islands with stunning beaches.
  • With a tropical climate and cities teeming with culture and colour, Thailand entices visitors back each year
  • Between the months of November and February, holidaymakers seek out the warm weather offered by Thailand as they escape the winter at home.
  • While property prices in Thailand are increasing, they still remain far below those of the more established western countries like the USA, England, Germany and Australia but don’t expect this to remain this way for long.
  • Thailand is the largest growth market in Asia. Increasing numbers of businesses choose Thailand as a regional base from which to keep their employees working all around Asia. The current investment program known as the Eastern Economic Corridor is set to increase the popularity of Thailand among businesses with a knock on effect in home prices.
  • International airfares to Thailand from most places in the world are very reasonable, making it a popular destination.
  • The country has world-class facilities in many of the resort towns
  • No capital gains tax for private investors, and low ongoing taxes
  • Today, foreigners are regarded by the government as a big investment opportunity in Thailand and they are actively welcomed and encouraged to invest

These are just some of the reasons why many people are looking to Thailand as a place to invest in both business and property.

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