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Cost of Living

The cost of living in Pattaya, Thailand is considerably less than that in countries such as Australia, the UK or the USA.  This cost of living calculator will give you a reasonably accurate idea of the costs but as a person that lives in Pattaya, I can tell you that this is a little top […]

Medical Services in Thailand

The Thai Healthcare System The medical system in Thailand is exceptionally good, in fact, medical tourism has become one of Thailand’s major exports.  When comparing both the quality and the costs to that of many western countries, medical treatment in Thailand is very affordable. It will come as a pleasant surprise to most, that doctors, […]

Driving in Thailand

  Driving in Thailand If you intend on living in Thailand for any length of time then you’d be well advised to get a Thai driving licence.  Although international drivers´ licenses are legally accepted, the police will respond a lot better if you hold a Thai drivers licence. Another advantage of having a Thai licence […]

Visa Requirements

Whether or not you need a visa to enter Thailand will depend on your country of origin, the length of stay and the reason for your trip. Many countries have signed Visa Exemption Agreements, that allow their citizens to visit Thailand for up to 30 days with a Visa Exemption. Here is a link to […]

Property Ownership

  It is important to point out that we are not lawyers and the advice below is intended to give you a conceptual overview of what’s possible when purchasing a residence. Everyone’s scenario is different. Some come to Thailand with families, others arrive on their own and some of those get married to a local […]

Why Invest In Thailand Property?

Why Invest In Thailand Property?

Thailand is a hotspot for international property investors seeking the stability and simplicity of property investment to gain good returns on their money and within this hotspot is what has been designated as the Eastern Economic Corridor. Today, the EEC project has emerged as a very large-scale project with an investment of worth 50 billion […]